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How do I register as an agent in Veslink?

Veslink gives you access to the entire Veslink Community, enabling you to establish Partner relationships with other companies.

If you are an agent working with a Veslink client who has requested that you register in the Veslink Community, you can do so by accessing the following link and providing the required information:

In order for us to provide faster processing, please make sure to fill out all fields. Once you have completed this process, you will be notified of the successful registration.

To learn more about the Veslink Agent Portal and Veslink Community, see Veslink - Agent Portal - Network.

Note: Contact Veson Support via the initial email sent to you when you registered, only if you have issues logging into the portal. For suspected bugs or other queries please reach out to your respective Partner (and Veson Client) who should then get in contact with Veson Support on your behalf.

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