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How to change the Initial bunker inventory on a Commenced and a Scheduled voyage.

  1. Change the bunker calculation method to TBM on Voyage properties. IMOS - Allocating Expenses to a Voyage

2. If the voyage is a consecutive voyage then untick the check box "Consecutive Voyage“ before changing the bunker calculation method.

3. Go to Bunkers-> Voyage Bunkers-> Initial Bunkers

4.The Initial Bunkers can be configured per price and quantity respectively.

If you want to change the bunker calculation method to FIFO then make sure that you follow correct order starting from the top line items.

5. Save changes and revert the bunker calculation method to the preferred method.

If you tick back the checkbox "Consecutive Voyage“ then the system will import the closing bunker inventory from the previous voyage overriding the initial bunker in the current voyage.

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