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How to prevent linked Demurrage/Despatch costs from aggregating on a Freight Invoice

Clients have the ability to control whether or not Demurrage/Despatch line items will aggregate or list independently in the PDF of the invoice with the Configuration Flag:


There may be times when Demurrage/Despatch is linked to a Freight Invoice, and this flag is configured not to aggregate line items in the invoice (i.e., the flag is set to a value of 'N'), yet the Veson IMOS Platform lists them together anyways with the verbiage:

”Demurrage/Despatch for all ports combined”

To correct this issue, follow the steps listed below.

Example Instructions

  1. Navigate to Data Center > Settings > CFGDisableItemizedDemOnFinalStatement > Open the flag and ensure the value is set to 'N' > Click OK/Save

  2. Open Freight Invoice > Right-click and delete the afflicted Demurrage/Despatch line item > Save the Freight Invoice

  3. Create a new Laytime Calculation for the port > Set to statuses to ‘Actual' and ‘Settled’.

  4. Reopen the Freight Invoice > Click the "Add Details" button in the taskbar > Check the box for the new invoice > Click Ok

  5. Save the invoice. Click the Invoice button on the taskbar and you should now see the correct formatting (i.e., it will no longer read "Demurrage for all ports combined")

  6. If necessary, reverse and delete the previous and afflicted laytime invoice.

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