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How to Set Up Recurrence Options for Scheduled Tasks

You can set up a scheduled task to run on a recurring basis using Recurrence Options. 

The Recurrence options can be set up in the following manner:

  • By time intervals in minutes (e.g. every 120m)

  • By day intervals (e.g. every d or every 3days. Without a specific time set, it will run at every interval at the time the Scheduled Task is saved and applied to service)

  • At a specific time daily (e.g. 02:00 am)

  • At a specific day and time (e.g. every Monday 02:00 am)

You can only use one of the above and not a combination. 

For example, if you would like to run a report every Monday and Thursday, you will not be able to enter "Monday Thursday 12:00 am". Instead, you will have to create duplicated tasks, one for Monday and another for Thursday.

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