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IMOS - Bareboat Payment

To create an invoice that reflects the bill sent by the vessel owner for the use of a bareboat vessel, do one of the following:

  • Payment Type:

    • Period (default): A regularly scheduled payment for a specific amount of time, such as every 15 days.

    • Special: A payment outside the regular schedule. Period-based costs, such as the Time Charter Hire, cannot be allocated this way.

    • Incremental: For an Incremental payment, a sort of reconciliation of accounts is performed. All amounts due since the beginning of the Time Charter Contract are calculated, and all payments made are subtracted. The net difference then shows as the payment due. You can use this payment method once at the end of the Time Charter to ensure the accounts are correct, or use it for every payment.

  • Click 

    to select line items to add to the payment in the Item Select form.

  • To create an invoice, click

    . The payment appears in the Summary Tree on the Bareboat Manager.

Related Configuration Flags


Causes PST Tax to consider all items on the invoice as taxable, including other tax lines, rather than applying only to non-tax invoice items.

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