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Veson University

About Veson University

Veson University is a one-of-a-kind commercial maritime focused educational portal that is the preferred option for customers and employees to certify and learn Veson Nautical solutions.

Veson University offers a standardized set of courses, materials, and role-based certifications online and in person to help our community be more successful.

Designed for Veson clients, employees, partners, or anyone looking to learn more about commercial maritime technology, Veson University provides digital access to high-quality training and certification solutions to help learners be more successful in their jobs, empowered by the Veson IMOS Platform (IMOS).

Given the breadth of products and functional areas that IMOS covers, clients who adopt the platform need to have a level of understanding around its end to end workflow. This learning platform is unique because our product is so unique. In order to understand the functionality of the product, you need to understand the concepts of each area of the business, how they connect and integrate. This learning is more than just technical software training, it is commercial maritime industry training as well.

Veson University Benefits

  • Follow your Learning Path: Get a foundation of IMOS knowledge so that you can get the most out of the software.

  • Earn Badges & Certifications: As you complete learning milestones, earn badges and formal training certification.

  • Grow Your Knowledge: Complete different levels of on-demand training to advance your IMOS skill level.

Course Catalog

New content is added to Veson University course catalog every month. For example:

All courses are self-paced and interactive, providing flexible, standard, and accessible educational content to the entire Veson community.

Ready to Enroll?

Register as a Veson University learner at:

Select the “Click here to Sign up” tile to register.


For frequently asked questions, refer to the Veson University Support page.

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