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IMOS - Bareboat Commissions

On the Bareboat Manager, you can view and create Bareboat Commission Payments.

Bareboat Commission Summary

The Bareboat Commission Payment form lists Bareboat Commission Invoices.

On the Bareboat Manager, click


Bareboat Commission Payment

The Bareboat Commission Payment form is used to enter details from an invoice received from a broker for a Bareboat Contract In payment. It verifies that the information is correct and consistent with the commission structure established in the Bareboat Manager and allows you to record payment.

On the Bareboat Commission Summary, click 


  • Any existing payments appear.
  • Select the check box on each detail line to pay those commissions.
    • To select or clear all lines, use the buttons at the bottom of the list.
    • You can issue a By Period payment after a regular Commission Payment.

Related Configuration Flags

Sets a default Payment Method for brokers.

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