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IMOS - Child TCs

Configuration flag CFGEnableMultipleReletChildTC enables you to create multiple child Time Charter Out (TC Out) contracts for a Time Charter In (TC In).

Creating Child TCs

  1. On the TC In form, click

  2. On the Child TCs form:
    • To create a new child TC Out, add a row. Contract data, except commissions, are copied from the parent TC In.
      • If another child TC Out exists:
        • Delivery Port defaults to the Redelivery Port of the last child TC Out.

        • Delivery Est time defaults to the Redelivery Proj/Act time of the last child TC Out.

        • Delivery Bunker Qty defaults to the Projected Redelivery Bunker Qty of the last child TC Out.

    • To view an existing child TC Out, right-click its row and then click Open Child TC.
  3. Save and close the child TC Out.
  4. On the Child TCs form, set Relet Adj % and then save. Child TC hire pricing is inherited from the parent TC, starting from the Est Delivery Time, and multiplied by (1 + Relet Adj %).
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