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IMOS - My Profile

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The My Profile panel enables you to manage your user details.

To open or close the My Profile panel, in the top navigation, click the button containing the first two letters of your Initials (for example,


  • Locale: Set date and number formatting across the Veson IMOS Platform (IMOS).

  • Last checked: This field checks that you are using the latest version of the IMOS Authentication Application (an underlying technology that manages sign-in).

    • If a new version is released while you are signed in, a link appears to update to the latest version.

    • To check your version by restarting the Veson IMOS Platform, click Restart.

    • The system will check every 30 seconds if the latest version is running. In the rare event that this is not the latest the user can force the latest to be updated here.

    • The system does not automatically force the update because users will lose their unsaved changes.

  • API Token: Request or clear your API Token. The API requires separate licensing.

  • Submit Diagnostic Report: For use with Veson Nautical Support only. For more information, see How can I report a bug?.

Changing Your Password

Note: You can only change your password if you are not authenticated by Active Directory or using SSO (Single Sign-On).

To change your password, do the following:

  1. Click  to expand the Change Password section.

  2. Enter your Old Password, enter the New Password, and Confirm the new password.

  3. Click Save.

    Note: If you need to change your password but cannot access your account, contact your organization’s Security Administrator to do so in the Data Center Security workspace.

Switching between Sites

If you have access to multiple Veson IMOS Platform sites, including Onboard sites, you can switch between them:

  1. Click  to expand the Sites section.
    A bar | appears next to the name of the current site.

  2. Click the name of the site you want to use.

  3. Click Save.

Setting Up Your Home Page

You can choose a home page to view every time you sign in to the Veson IMOS Platform.

  1. Click  to expand the Set Up Home Page section.

  2. Select a Workspace:

    • Last Visited (default): You return to the last page you visited.

    • Custom Home Page URL: You can use any Veson IMOS Platform page by copying and pasting its URL.

    • Workspace Name

  3. Click Save.

Signing Out

To sign out of the Veson IMOS Platform, click Logout.

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