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Voyage Reporting - Cargo Handling Errors

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Error Text



Could not find a unique cargo of CARGO (discharging) for this port call.

Ambiguous port cargo. If there are no voyage cargoes associated with this voyage (could happen from a TCO voyage), checks if a single port cargo matches on cargo type/function on this voyage leg, and this error results if not found.

Cargo row n, No cargoes of type CARGO are associated with this voyage.

No port cargo or voyage cargo (vfixcar) for this voyage.

Make sure a Cargo is specified for the port call in the Voyage Manager.

Cargo row n, Multiple cargoes of type CARGO are associated with this voyage, please select a specific voyage cargo within the row's details.

No port cargo, ambiguous voyage cargo.

Select a specific Cargo and resubmit.

No berth named BERTH exists at port PORT

In the Voyage Manager for the specified voyage and port call, make sure the port has the required berth defined.

Unit mismatch: input unit but cargo’s actual units are unit.

Port cargo exists, but within different units, than user-specified

Change form units to match port cargo as defined in the Voyage Manager.

Could not find a previous loading for port cargo to discharge for this port call.

Only for TCO voyages with no pre-existing port cargoes (i.e., port cargoes are being created)

Correct and resubmit.

Cargo row n, Same stowage location specified more than once.

If using the stowage subcontrol, can’t specify the same tank or hold number twice in the same cargo row.

Correct and resubmit.

Too many holds specified in stowage breakdown for CARGO (limit 8).

Correct and resubmit.

Cargo row nCARGO (discharging) is associated with an invalid PortCargoID.

Tends to happen on form resubmits if the cargo handling line was deleted since the first submit (even if later re-created).

Add the Cargo Handling line again.

Warning: letter of protest is too long and will be truncated by autonoon.

Letters of protest must fit on five lines of 100 characters wide.

Shorten letter of protest text.

Error: no cargo name found with Id N

The cargo name referenced on the vessel has since been deleted.

Add the Cargo again.

Error: a Portcar with Id N has already been assigned to another entry in this cargo list

A Cargo Handling form has been pre-approved and the same form is now reopened for editing and resubmitted again with more cargo lines than originally submitted.

A new Cargo Handling form has to be submitted with any additional handling lines.

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