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Voyage Reporting - Vessel to Office Communication Errors

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Error Text



XML syntax error in form submission … this could be related to email processing or the result of manual email edits.

Corrupted embedded form data.

Make sure that the data is pasted in completely and properly, with no extra line breaks, and that your email system has not inserted extra characters.

Forms appear to be sent from vessel to Veslink, but never appear in Veslink Dashboard, and no error message was received by the identified admin email address for errors.

Corrupted embedded form data. Look at received email in Voyage Reporting and see if any embedded XML such as <br>. Error message may not have been sent to admin email address because email is corrupted enough that the vessel's company cannot be determined to look up admin email.

If you have access to the database, you can see the actual received email in the table imosmsg. The values for the following columns may be helpful in diagnosing email problems:

  • msgBody: The email text exactly as received. This is the place to look for extra carriage returns or embedded break <BR> text added by the client's email client the email was sent from.

  • msgLastUpdate: The date and time the email was received.

  • msgFileName. The sender's email address Usually, this will be the vessel's email address.

Make sure that your email system has not inserted extra characters.

Forms appear to be sent from vessel to Veslink, but never appear in Veslink Dashboard and no error message was received.

Form submission email has attachments. Email submissions to should not have attachments added by the master. The Platform will not properly receive and process a form submission email from a vessel if the email has attachments. If the master needs to include an attachment for other email recipients, that should be done via a separate email.

Do not include attachments in form submission emails.

Unable to connect to associated IMOS client for company

The specified company is not currently connected to Voyage Reporting.

Make sure the specified company is configured to connect to Voyage Reporting and has imosmsg running.

Disconnected before reply to associated IMOS client for company

The form requested data from the Platform or requested an operation to be performed, but the Platform disconnected before it could be completed.

Check that imosmsg is still running correctly for the specified company. If it appears to be, restart imosmsg to attempt to restart communications.

Stuck showing Being Processed by IMOS

Voyage Reporting set the form status to Pending and is waiting for the Platform to receive the notification for it, process it (either to validate it or to import it into the system, depending on workflow), and return the results back to Voyage Reporting.

A form not leaving the in-process state can be caused by one of the following scenarios:

  • The VXP connection is offline.

  • A form is set to pending on the Voyage Reporting side, but the Platform has not picked it up for processing.

  • imosmsg crashes, and the results of form processing are not sent back to Voyage Reporting.

Contact Veson Nautical Support to check the VXP connection status.

  • If VXP is offline, disable auto-revalidation if it was previously enabled and then, to re-establish the connection and cause all stuck forms to be processed, restart imosmsg. After restarting imosmsg, Veson must run a recovery script on the database.

  • If VXP is online, the form must be manually fixed by Veson.

Stuck showing Open for Resubmit

An error appears in form details, and there is no way to cancel the resubmit.

Contact Veson Nautical Support to manually fix the form.

No errors display, but IMOS cannot connect to Veslink, and the client has two copies of IMOS connected to two Veslink sites. Symptoms may include:

  • Site Key Dialog Check fails

  • Vessels activated for Veslink do not appear in Veslink

May exhibit connection problems if a second copy of the Platform and imosmsg connected to a second Voyage Reporting site. Common if one copy is linked to (test) and second copy is linked to (production).

Make sure of the following:

  • imosmsg.exe.config for both installations are using different environments.

  • The URL to Voyage Reporting is different for each of the two Platform copies in the site key dialog.

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