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What is the correct order for submitting Veslink forms?

Forms can be sent in any order, but they need to be approved in a specific order:

  1. Arrival Notice

  2. Noon Report in Port

  3. Cargo Handling Form

  4. Bunkering Form

  5. Departure Notice*

  6. Statement of Facts*

Once the form is approved, changes cannot be made to the form as they feed directly to IMOS.
In case of mistakes, data will have to be manually changed directly in the Voyage in the Veson IMOS Platform.

Data cannot be overwritten by another form.

*Departure Notice and Statement of Facts can be approved in interchangeable order and do not have to abide by the order recommended above. However this depends on our clients' individual workflow where you can approve the Departure notice before the Statement of Facts or vice versa, as long as the departure times match in the two forms.

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