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Why does my invoice import fail even though my line items and total amount match?


You may encounter the following errors when importing invoices into your database:

  • autoinv error: Invoice amount does not match the sum of the line items.

  • autoinv error: Invoice base equivalent does not match the sum of the line items.

These errors appear when the sum of the individual items does not match the total of the invoice. If these totals do indeed match up, there may be too many decimal places entered for one or more of the line items. The invoiceImport functionality will also fail if any of the currency values in the XML possess more than 2 decimal places. This is a limitation of the Messaging Service that cannot be modified.


It is recommended to import XML files with line items that have 2 decimal places or fewer.

If invoices are submitted via integration with a third-party solution, Veson Nautical urges you to work with your third-party vendor to make necessary changes.

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