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Why does my Time Charter contract's Proj/Act GMT Delivery field appear in red font?


Delivery and Redelivery Proj/Act field values are pulled in from the linked voyage. Values that appear red were entered manually instead of being pulled in from the voyage. This can cause the Time Charter contract to be out of sync with the scheduled voyages.


  1. Open the Time Charter (TC) contract, delete the date, and then click save.

  2. Navigate to the voyage, refresh the page, and then click save.

  3. Reopen the TC contract, refresh the page, and then click save.

    • For the Proj/Act Redelivery field, perform the following:
      1. Open the TC contract and set the status to Redelivered. (Ensure a Redelivery port (Z) is entered in the last voyage.)
      2. Delete the Proj/Act Redelivery Date, change status to Delivered, and then save the TC.
      3. Open last voyage and then click save.
      4. Open the TC contract.

The date will be pulled in from voyage and will appear in black font.

Note: The date and time values may not perfectly match up, as the value in the TC contract is in reference to GMT, and the value in the voyage is in reference to local time.

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