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Why does the Actual Column Take a different Exchange Rate than the Posted Column for Freight Commission

The default calculation for when Freight Commission is paid separately is to take the Exchange Rate (FX) from the Freight Contract to calculate the Actual Value. You can find the Exchange Rate and date for the Freight Calculation by opening the CP Terms. This can cause a Variance between the Actual and Posted columns if Freight Commission uses a different Exchange Rate than the Freight Contract.

The PnL is showing as expected, but there are config flags that can be enabled to change the Actual value by matching the Exchange Rate used on the invoice - CFGUseInvExchInActual

When enabled, Freight Commission in the Actual column of the Voyage Profit and Loss will use the exchange rate from the invoice once it is created instead of always using the exchange rate from the freight contract.

The invoice will have to be recreated for this flag to apply to rectify a variance but for newly created invoices it will update the Actual column based on the exchange rate used in the Freight Comm. Invoice and not the Freight contract.

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