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How to use the Carbon Emissions table for Cargo Emissions Prorations?

The Carbon Emissions Table was released with the following release note to protect against performance issues in the Analytics module.

The ETS emissions and cost available on the Carbon Calculator can now be attributed to individual cargoes via the Carbon Emission Table on Report Designer. Utilizing a filter based on a specific Booking No, VslCode+VoyNo, or Cargo ID, emission and cost for each itinerary line will be prorated based the specific cargo's quantity vs the total amount of cargo on board. Calculations require conversion to MT. The Carbon Emission Table is a standalone table and is not joinable.

As noted above one of the filter lines below is required on the Carbon Emissions Table when requesting data.

  • Booking No

  • Vessel Code & Voyage No.

  • Cargo ID

When filtering ensure Vessel Code filter type is set to ‘is’ as ‘contains’ is not supported. Please use ‘is’ and ‘equal’ filter type on this table.

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