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Why has Feature Board suggestion been archived?

If a suggestion does not receive at least 10 votes within three months, the status gets changed to “Archived”. This does not delete the suggestion, and it can still be viewed, searched, and voted for. All this does is allow users to filter out the status in order to only view higher-voted items, which can make it easier to navigate through the suggestions. This is outlined at the top of the Feature Board page.

Here is a breakdown of the other statuses:

  • Under Consideration - suggestion is gathering votes from the client community.

  • Planned - suggestion has been added to the Veson Roadmap, and will be tagged with a target date (e.g. Q12021).

  • Not Planned - suggestion has been evaluated by the Veson product team and will not be actioned.

  • Done - suggestion has been developed and released.

  • Already Exists - suggestion already exists in the system, will include a comment pointing to the existing functionality.

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