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Why is my custom MRV report displaying negative consumption and/or CO2 emissions?

Negative values for consumption are likely the cause of incorrect bunker data. To initially troubleshoot any reporting variances, users should navigate to the Voyage Manager > Reports drop-down > review the Voyage Operational Report. This report will display consumption attributed to specific voyage legs. If there is a negative value, users should consider the below options to rectify inaccurate data:

  1. Right click the line items of the itinerary > Activity Reports > Right-click any of the A, C, D, E, N, or T type reports > select Extra Information. This page will provide in depth data with respect to the selected Fuel Type. Check for and correct any errors such as negative propulsion values that may impact bunker consumption > Save the Activity Reports and the Voyage.

  2. Once the above has been completed for all Activity Reports for every port in the itinerary, Save the voyage and open the necessary report in the Analytics module.

  3. The report has not been refreshed with the most up-to-date and accurate data. To ensure it is, select Enter Design Mode > Save the report. The results in the report should now reflect any previously corrected values from the Voyage.

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