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Why port activities are not imported into laytime calculation?

Upon submitting Statement of Facts for a given port, the expected is to create a laytime calculation to claim demurrage in a timely manner. Typically, the port activities are imported automatically by choosing "Import Activities“ e.g. from Voyage.

Issue: Not all the port activities were imported e.g. Start / End Discharging Cargo into laytime calculation, although they are visible in the Port Activities for a given discharge port.


  1. Check if a specific port activity is marked as the one to be imported into laytime calculation.
    Go to Data Center > Port Activities > make sure Laytime Calc Import is ticked.

  2. In case of activities like Start Loading or Discharging cargo, check if they are linked with the cargo. In the BL Info tab of Voyage Itinerary, it should state the cargo name and BL Code on the load/discharge port leg and so the same should be reflected in the Port Activities populated by SOF form.

BL code is populated as soon as cargo name is entered.

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