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CPP Additives

CPP additives is used in the Petroleum Industry to enhance a product.

The CPP Additives module gives you access to search the commodity database for additives. To access it click on the below on the Home Page:


CPP Additives on Home Page



CPP Additives Grid Overview

Setting “Favorite” CPP Additives

The CPP Additives module supports the same Favorites feature which is available in the Commodity Search module. Please see Commodity Search | 1.3-Setting-“Favorite”-Commodities for more information.

Column Ordering, Sorting, Filtering and Paging

The CPP Additives module supports the same ordering, sorting, filtering and paging which are available in the Commodity Search module. Please see Commodity Search | [hardBreak]1.5-Column-Ordering Commodity Search | 1.6-Column-Sorting Commodity Search | 1.7-Filtering-the-Data Commodity Search | 1.8-Paging

Viewing CPP Additives Details

To view the details double click on the selected additive or click the Edit icon as shown below:


Click to view and Edit the CPP Additive

and you will view the Product Characteristics, Coating Suitability and Notes (such as SDS) where available.


Example of CPP Additive tab

Actions Menu

Click on the Action menu for the following options:


More Actions Menu

Export to Excel:

Exports the current grid to an excel spreadsheet..

Refresh Data:

Refresh the underlying data from the database.

Reset View:

Resets the sorting, filtering and default columns for the selected View.

User’s Guide:

Download the User’s Guide to the Milbros.

Report an Issue:

Click this link to email an issue you would like to report to Milbros Support on the Cleaning Additives


Allows you to select which columns are to be displayed on the grid.

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