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Commodity Hierarchy Methodology

Oceanbolt’s Commodity Hierarchy

Oceanbolt’s commodity hierarchy consists of two layers.

  • Commodity Group (coal versus iron ore)

  • Commodity Grade (thermal coal versus coking coal)

Oceanbolt’s algorithm first tries to determine the Commodity Grade from terminal level flows, seasonality, and past voyages from a vessel. If the algorithm is successful, a Commodity Grade is allocated. If unsuccessful, it will try to capture the Commodity Group.

When the algorithm identifies a Commodity Group but does not find the Commodity Grade, it displays the result as [Commodity Group] (Unclassified). For example, if the Commodity Group is coal, but the Commodity Grade is not available, the algorithm will display “Coal (Unclassified).” If the algorithm cannot identify the Commodity Group, it will default to Unknown.

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