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Trade Flow Identification and Tracking

Oceanbolt's trade flow algorithm is the central algorithm in the platform, and it forms the basis for all trade flow and vessel status data.

The trade flow algorithm works by first generating events for every vessel (e.g. when a vessel enters/exits a polygon or when it changes its draught or destination). Based on these events, the algorithm generates port calls (e.g. load event in Santos, discharge event in Tianjin). Finally, port calls are tied together to voyages (e.g. grains voyage from Santos to Tianjin). From the ongoing events information, the algorithm infers the current cargo status and historical voyages on a vessel level.

Commodity Identification

The commodity group and grade are inferred from the polygon layer that captures which commodities are being imported/exported at the terminal level. The specific volume is inferred based on a combination of vessel capacity, tons per centimeter calculations of draught changes, and past observations on a terminal and vessel level.

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