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Voyage Methodology

Voyage Methodology

Oceanbolt tracks both regular and parceling voyages.

Regular Voyage Components

A regular voyage in the Oceanbolt platform has five components:

  • Waiting at load port anchorage

  • Loading operation at load port

  • Steaming at sea

  • Waiting at discharge port anchorage

  • Discharge operation at discharge port

Once these five steps are concluded, the voyage is completed and a ballast leg will be created until the next voyage commences. A voyage in the Oceanbolt platform starts when a ballasting vessel reaches the load port anchorage and terminates once the vessel departs from the discharge operation.

Parceling Voyage Components

A parceling voyage in Oceanbolt’s methodology is a voyage that has multiple load or discharge events. The Oceanbolt cargo tracking algorithm infers the available information, like draft changes, between parcel stops to determine the volume loaded or discharged per berth, terminal, or port. The default option is an equal split between the multiple load/discharge port calls.

See Distances and Tonmiles for an overview of the Oceanbolt methodology for calculating Tonmiles for parceling voyages.

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