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Adopt Vessel AIS position

The AIS message contains information about the vessels’ next destination (i.e., next port of call) along with the ETA. To view the AIS information while in the Position List view, add the relevant columns from the Action Menu

Note that the columns to be selected are:

  • AIS ETA (ETA per AIS)

  • Destination (Next port of call)

A. Adopt AIS position from the Position List View

There are 2 ways to use this information to replace the Open Port field with the AIS Destination and the Open Date field with the AIS ETA.

Option 1: Select the vessel and click the short-cut “Ctrl+Space”

Option 2: Select the vessel, click the RMB (right mouse button) and click the “Adopt AIS Latest Position”

B. Adopt AIS Position from the Updater

This keyboard shortcut works from any View in the Position List as well as from the Updater window.

Open the Updater, add the Vessel’s name, tab to the “Open Date” field and click the keyboard shortcut “Ctrl+Space”

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