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PL for Principals - Refreshing the Position List Page

Each time the Position List view is opened, it will automatically display only vessels that fit the search criteria currently set.

The system keeps track of the changes to the list since the last time it was run. If there have been any changes to the vessels on the list since the last time it was run, then the changes will be shown in blue font or grey font as per below

If the font color is blue, then that means that the vessels has had an update and the vessel still meets the search criteria.

If the font color is grey, then that means that vessel no longer meets the search criteria.

When the list is refreshed, any records that are currently in blue font will revert to black and any vessels that are grey font will disappear from the list.

Anytime you focus on a vessel that is blue font will automatically turn black when you move focus to another vessel signifying that you have seen the update.

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