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Q88Dry - Creating Package(s)

Packages are a group of attachments that you would like to create to be able to send off together. This avoids having to search throughout the list and select them individually. Packages are useful when working with specific Charterers who request the same documents each time.

Add Packages

Go to the Actions Menu → Select Packages.

Click the plus sign to add a package.


You will need to name the Package, select if the package is for all users under the account or only your own username, and then check off the attachments that you want in the package then click Save:

Editing/Deleting Current Package

Select the Edit pencil next to a created package, make your changes, and then click Save or Delete:

Emailing a Package

Click on the Actions Menu → Email Documents

Click Cancel on the attachment pop-up to allow you to view the email and select Add Package:

Select the Package and click Attach.

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