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Q88Dry-How to email questionnaires

After creating a questionnaire, go to the bottom of the page and find the Click to Continue button.

Email Questionnaire

You select the Email Questionnaire.

A new window opens with the standard message of the system where you can edit the recipients, the subject, the body text and add files or packages as attachments.

Email Questionanire window

Be reminded that the email will be sent From and not your username’s registered email address.

  • Address book: keeps all used email addresses saved for future easier reference

  • More recipients can be added by using the semicolon “;” in between

  • Attachments can be in Word or pdf formats

  • Attachments can be zipped to reduce their size

  • Body text can be edited with basic font formats

  • Subject is editable

  • Signature comes by default from your User’s Profile/ Settings

  • You can add files saved in the Certificates and Documents module

  • You can add files from your desktop

  • You can add packages, as they are set in the Certificates and Documents module.


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