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Q88Dry-Manage Vessels

Access Manage Vessels

Depending on the access level of your username, you can either view or edit the page of Manage Vessels, which is found under the Account on the top bar menu:

Access the Manage Vessels page

Alternatively, you can click the Manage Vessels icon on the Dashboard view:

Manage Vessels from Dashboard

A table with all registered vessels under your account will be displayed.

Manage vessels table

  1. You can see the vessel’s Name, the IMO number, Type, and Fleet that you have assigned the vessels.

  2. The column Publish shows the documents that are published to all users of Q88 for Read-Only and download.

  3. The column Companies with Access shows which other Companies can have access to each vessel, as permitted by your Account Administrator.

  4. The golden star next to the left of the Name indicates who owns/lists the vessel in the Q88Dry platform.

  5. The coloured box beside the IMO number indicates how recently the Baltic99 form was updated. (Green for the last 30 days. Yellos for the last two months. Red for the last three months or more)

  6. By clicking on Edit (not all users have access), you get to the Vessel’s tab for further actions.


Actions on the vessel’s tab

Vessel’s tab

  • You can amend any specs on the relevant fields.

  • You can assign the vessel under any available Fleet.

  • You can select which modules or documents are published for this vessel. Tick off the relevant box to apply the “publish” settings to the entire fleet.

  • You can add/ delete or edit the Companies with Access to this vessel.

  • You can request the vessel’s deletion from your account.

  • For any change you made, do not forget to click Save.

Add a new vessel

To add a new vessel to your account, click Add New Vessel.

Add New Vessel under Account

You will get redirected to a blank vessel’s tab to be completed, and click Save.

Request access to another vessel

To request access to another vessel, click Request Access.

Request Access to another vessel

From the new window, you can either Request access or review the pending requests from third parties.

Shared Access Request or Review

Request Access to another vessel(s), by typing their names or IMO numbers here and clicking Submit.

Request Access to another vessel

Review pending requests

To review all pending requests, click Pending Requests.

Review Pending Requests

From the next page, you can approve or decline the requests.

Manage Fleets

To manage your fleets, click the Manage Fleet link shown in the following image:

For more info about Manage Fleets, see this article.

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