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Q88Dry - Managing Attachments

You can add multiple attachments to the system, delete, email, and archive them as well.

Attaching new document(s):

Select Attach File and locate the document on your desktop.

The system will confirm that you have reviewed the dates associated with the new document to confirm they are correct.

You can continue to add multiple attachments by clicking Attach File (see Replace/Archive)


Select the checkbox next to the Attachment(s) that you want to delete. A yellow toolbar appears. Select the Delete button.

The system will prompt you to confirm.


If you do not want to delete your attachments and store them for future use or review, you can archive the old attachment and replace it with the current attachment.

Click the checkbox next to the current attachment and select Replace file.

This displays the current attachment and puts the older version in the Archive section. To access the Archive section, click the checkbox next to the new attachment and select View Archive.

You can locate the attachment in the Archive and can Download, Email, or Restore the current attachment.

We do not recommend attaching multiple attachments in the “current” view, as they will display when you opt to attach the certificate when emailing out of the platform. This can cause confusion about the latest version (unless they are labeled with items such as ‘expire’ etc.)

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