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I have made a change to a vessel in VIP but the change is not flowing into the Veslink Forms.

Every time a change has been made to a vessel within the Vessel screen in VIP, this will not show on the Veslink Forms we have already downloaded or sent to the Master. Instead we will need to re-download the forms for the particular vessel or re-send them to the the Master.

Vessel changes made in VIP, should appear on vessel’s Veslink Forms on the Veslink side, as long as the vessel is "Active for Veslink", in a few minutes as the two platforms will need to sync up.

In case a few minutes have passed and the two platforms have not synced up please ask you admin to perform the below simple steps to help expedite the syncing process:

1. Navigate to the Veslink site and from the top right select Settings → System Configuration:

  1. At the ‘System Configuration’ screen navigate to Interfaces and perform a master data reset by pressing relevant button.

This will ensure that the master data cache has been reset and will be reloaded when necessary.

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