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VMS - Contract of Affreightment (COA)

Create a COA Contract

A COA Contract consists of several ‘Cargo Contracts,' also known as liftings. First, a COA Contract needs to be created. Only then can you include ‘Cargo Contract' (Liftings) in the COA Contract.

Do the following to create a COA Contract:

  1. Click the main action menu.

  2. Select Cargo Tracker and click the Contract hyperlink.

  3. Click New Contract.

  4. Input the COA details and give a name to the COA contract by inputting the ‘Contract Code.’

  5. Select Save.


Create Cargo Contracts (Liftings)

After the COA Contract is created, you can proceed to create a Cargo Contract and assign them to the COA Contract.

Using the following image as a reference, take the following steps.

  1. Click New Cargo.

  2. Select the status of the cargo contract from the dropdown list.

  3. Select the confidentiality. This allows setting Grid View filters.

  4. Select the COA Contract created in the previous segment from the dropdown list.

  5. Input the Lifting number of the cargo contract you are creating. This example shows lifting no. 1.

  6. Input the relevant lifting details.

  7. Click the Save icon.


Now that the first lifting is created, you can create the subsequent Lifting. Do the following:

  1. Double-click on the cargo line item to open the cargo, and click the Cargo hyperlink.

  2. To create a second lifting, rename the lifting number from ‘1' to '2’.

  3. Click the action menu and select Save as Copy.

  4. Click Save and a new cargo line item is created, shown in the following image.


Bring COA’s Cargo to Estimate

From COA’s cargo to Estimate

By clicking the Estimate, VMS brings this cargo into Estimate for running calculation.


From the Estimate and pulled from COA

The cargo contract needs to be in an Open status in order to pull the COA lifting into the Estimate for running calculation. Otherwise, it does not allow selection from Estimate.

Click Select Cargoes in Estimate under Fixture, and select the Open listings. VMS will pull the relevant CP details into the Estimate, as shown in the following image.


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