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VMS - Create Sharing Account

1.0 Usage of Sharing Account

External parties (parties not belonging to your organization) can view your vessel’s Voyage Data and Positions. The external party can be given a Sharing Account to log into VMS and view the data. However, they are limited to only two types of Data: voyages and Positions, as shown below.


Please contact our Veson Technical Support Team to create a Sharing Account.

1.1 Vessel Position


Hover over the red labels on the map to view vessel names and details. The left side panel shows the list of vessels the Sharing Account is configured to view.

1.2 Voyage Data

You can view Voyage Data as shown in the following image.


2.0 Configuring what Data the Sharing Account can view

2.1 Sharing Voyage Data

Main Action Menu > Sharing Overview

In the right panel, select the vessel and its corresponding voyage number you like to share with the Sharing Account created. Click Share and define the voyage information you would like the Sharing Account to view. Refer to 1.1 Voyage Data to review the Remarks, Results in History, and Financial information that appear on this screen.


2.2 Sharing Vessel Positions

Main Action Menu > Sharing Overview > Manage Sharing Groups

Column 01 - Partner Group
  1. Click Add.

  2. Give a Name to the group.

  3. Select the partners you would like to group and Save. (Please note that the Veson Technical Support Team must create the Sharing Account first to see the Partner listed here.)

  4. Users can create one Group with one Partner. There does not have to be more than one Partner per Group.

Column 03- Vessel Group
  1. Click Add.

  2. Give a Name to the group.

  3. Select the list of vessels you like to group together and Save. (Note that this shall be the list of vessels that can be shared with the Sharing Account)

Column 02- Allocating Partner Group to Vessel Group
  1. Select Partner Group.

  2. Select Vessel Group.

  3. Click Save. This will permit the Partner Group to view Vessel Position belonging to the Vessel Group.


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