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Other Payables Invoices

Aside from the Freight Invoices, you can also find other Payable invoices.

Particularly, in a spot voyage, for example, click the Revenue button, and in the pop-up window, you need to press the “add” button on the invoice area and then select Payable.

There you will find the following Payables:

  • Expenses: In this category, you will be able to view expenses such as Bunkers, ETS costs, Guards expenses, etc. Select the item for which you need to create an invoice and proceed.

  • Commission: In this area, the commissions expenses will be displayed per the agreement. To create an invoice, you will need to select which one you need and proceed accordingly.

  • Stem: The expenses from the Stem that took place in the voyage will be displayed here.
    Select the checkbox next to the grade’s stem and create an invoice.

  • Port: The last item displays the total costs per port. Select the relevant ports and create an invoice.

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