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VMS - Tags and Tags Notes


Tags are a means of tagging (or categorizing) voyages and fixtures for reporting and visualization purposes. You can access them from the Fixture modal and display them as the tag's value. (For example, the tag displays “Aframax” instead of “Segment: Aframax.”) This feature lets you view many tags in one place. If a tag exists for a vessel, the corresponding voyage inherits this, but you can overwrite it. Tags need to be set up by an administrator. 


Tag Notes 

Tag Notes let you enter comments about any Port, Charterer, Vessel, or Cargo Grade flagged for any relevant estimate or voyage. Think of it as “quiet” alerting. You can use it for any level of information about these factors – a reminder that Montreal has KTM restrictions, a reminder that a certain charterer is fussy about invoice headers, reminders about last cargo checks, etc. If there is a Tag Note for the items in a voyage, a Tag Note icon appears at the top left of the voyage next to the actions menu. Click the icon to see what you’re being warned about.  


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