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Can I change a vessel name midway through a voyage?

Home > Operations FAQs > Can I change a vessel name midway through a voyage?

With the appropriate Module Rights enabled, system administrators can change a Vessel’s name at any time.

Impact on the Voyage

The new Vessel name will only come into effect for new voyages. The old vessel name will be retained for all existing voyages.

Impact on Time Chartered Vessels

For time-chartered vessels that operate across voyages, changing the Vessel name midway will not update the Vessel name in the Time Charter (TC) contract. This means that invoices raised for the TC contracts will retain the old vessel name.

If you would like to have the TC contract and invoices updated with the new Vessel name, you must complete the current voyage and redeliver the vessel. Then, you can create a new TC contract with the updated Vessel name for the remaining period of the TC.

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