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FAQs > Configuration Flags > CFGIgnoreAccrualOnVoyageDelete

This article provides the following information about this configuration flag:


Ignore Accrual on Voyage Delete


When enabled, deletion of a voyage is allowed when the only postings are monthly accruals journals.

Use Case

This will occur when accruals are set to always prorate and users schedule out voyages with P&L actuals well in advance.

If adjustments need to be made to the vessel or voyage and accruals have run, you can either:

  • Follow the below steps to bypass the error that shows when adjustments are attempted

  • Enable CFGIgnoreAccrualOnVoyageDelete

You will then see the following warning instead:

To get around the financial transaction error when adjusting vessel/voyage details on a voyage with an accrual (without the flag):

  1. Rerun accruals on a recalculation basis for the specific vessel/voyage.

  2. This will refresh those two Pending status records, and they will be available for rejection.

  3. Once records are rejected, you can delete the voyage, update the cargo, update the voyage itinerary, etc.

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