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FAQs > Configuration Flags > CFGUseNaturalRounding

This configuration flag must be enabled for you by Veson Nautical.

This article provides the following information about this configuration flag:


Use Natural Rounding


Use an alternate rounding method. The results of rounding operations will be more intuitive in certain situations.

Alternative Method for Invoice Rounding

You may encounter one-cent rounding differences in invoices and claims.

This is because binary floating-point arithmetic is used to perform quick calculations in form displays. This occasionally results in one-cent differences in values displayed in invoices, even though the invoice total shows the correct amount.

For example, a claim has a 1.25% commission on the total amount of $987.60.

Claim amount: 987.60 * 1.25% = 12.345 ≈ 12.35

However, the invoice display may show a value of 12.34 instead of 12.35.

You may choose to use an alternative rounding method throughout the platform by enabling the CFGUseNaturalRounding configuration flag.


  • The configuration flag change will not affect posted invoices. It will apply to new invoices only.

  • For clients using IMOS:

    • You must restart IMOS after applying the changes.

    • This flag may not appear in the Configuration Flag List; administrators may need to click the Custom Flag button and enter the flag name to open and modify its value.

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