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Finding Solutions

Accessing Help

It is preferred that a client follows these steps before sending an issue to Veson Support:

  1. Search help articles and tutorials provided in the Veson Nautical Help Center.

  2. Release Notes are published regularly to detail improvements being made to the product. You can review by a specific date range or product area to see what's being improved.

  3. Verify the issue with your local Project Owner, System Admin, Business Process Owner (BPO), or Super User. For guidance on how to organize your internal support structure, see our Internal Support Team Recommendations .

Using the Help Center

Veson Nautical offers a centralized Help Center, through which clients can self-service with help articles and tutorials or contact support. For more training on login, submitting tickets, and viewing your open issues see our training guide Self-Service Help Center.

Using the Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base is a great starting point for finding information and answers. Doing so can not only save the time and effort needed to communicate an issue but will also help familiarize yourself with the content structure. This forms a better long-term solution for straightforward queries and will help members of an organization be more efficient in finding information.

Using the Client Center

IMOS On-Prem clients can log in to the Veson Nautical Client Center to access IMOS release, Distances release, and license file downloads. A reminder that all support issues and Knowledge Base materials are managed through the Help Center and not the Client Center.

Calling Veson Nautical Offices

As a full-service support team, our doors are always open. If necessary, a phone call may be required. Please note that this is a secondary method of contact due to the absence of a tracking number. If this method is used, the customer still needs to submit a ticket via the Help Center. It is preferred that the customer sends this notification to ensure we have all the details necessary from the business. This ensures accountability and a documented communication path.

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