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Self-Service Help Center

View Working with Veson Nautical documentation in the Help Center.

The best way to get fast and efficient assistance is via the Veson Nautical Help Center

Due to the advanced support capabilities and benefits we require all issues to be submitted via our Help Center. Once a ticket is submitted via the Help Center, you will receive a confirmation email with the new ticket ID in the subject line. You can respond to that email going forward to communicate via email only, or, you can return to the Help Center to leverage more features. 

We are confident that our Self-Service Knowledge Base and issue submission method leads to faster solutions and higher quality communication. Please read below to learn about signing in and the benefits:

Benefits of the Help Center

The Help Center enables our clients to take advantage of a number of benefits, including:

  • Self-Service Options: Search a central repository of helpful documentation, FAQs, and articles created basis common service inquiries to find solutions instantly without having to wait.

  • Faster Resolution Times: Getting a clearer understanding of your issue and its priority allows our team to automatically route tickets efficiently to the right resources across our global offices. 

  • Ticket Reporting: Tickets submitted through the Help Center are tagged with current status, associated release notes, email or comment history, priority level, and recent event timestamps, so you can actively track your ticket in its resolution process.

  • Collaborative Ticket Management: Tickets submitted through the Help Center can be shared with colleagues, so every stakeholder can see ongoing status updates and resolutions.

  • Communication: Submitting issues through the Help Center form helps Veson Nautical collect essential information early in the process, enhancing our ability to provide a resolution as soon as possible.

Creating an Account

If you have not yet signed up for the Help Center, please create an account:

  1. Go to the Sign up page.

  2. Enter your email address and then click Send Link. You will receive an email with further instructions to access the Help Center.

Signing In

To sign in:

  1. Go to thLog in page.

  2. Enter your Email and then click Next.

  3. Enter your Password and then click Log in.

Resetting Your Password

If you forget your password, you can reset it to regain Help Center access:

  1. Go to thLog in page.

  2. Enter your Email and then click Next.

  3. Click Forgot your password? You will receive an email with further instructions to reset your password.

Access to Organization Group

Ask Veson Support to be added to the Organization Group, where one can see all the tickets raised in the past related to a specific company. This is meant for superusers or administrators, appointed within an organization to raise questions or issues on behalf of the users.

Viewing Your Reported Issues

After you sign in to the Help Center, on the Profile menu, click Advanced requests report. The Advanced Requests Report enables you to monitor, edit, or comment on any issue you have reported:

Filter, search, and export functionality enables you to quickly review issues:

Veson Nautical Support has mapped you to an Organization within our system. This ensures the issues you report are only visible to your team. When creating an issue in the Help Center, you can use the Share with drop-down menu to share with your team:

Depending on this setting, you will be able to see issues reported by you or users linked to your organization.

It is possible to export your issues by clicking the Export option in the top right of the requests report. You can export in CSV or Excel format.


The Help Center is required for submitting new issues. Comments made by Veson Nautical Support are sent to you via email notifications. If you reply to a notification email, it will update your issue for our team to take action.

You can see historical sent and received notifications within the Help Center ticket view.

About Atlassian Jira Service Desk

Veson Nautical teams are using the Atlassian Jira Cloud Service Desk for ticket management, you can read more about this product at the Atlassian Service Desk Feature Site.

If you are interested in submitting issues via APIs, see Jira Cloud Platform APIs documentation for assistance.

The following fields are required to submit an issue via the Help Center:

  • Summary

  • Priority

  • Description

  • Attachment

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