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How are pricing terms selected?

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On the Pricing tab of a Cargo, VC In, or COA, the pricing row is selected based on a scoring system:

  • If a pricing row perfectly matches an itinerary (Load Port(s), Discharge Port(s), and Cargoes match), the first such row is used and all others are ignored. The scoring, in this case, is not relevant.

  • If a perfect match is not found, the scoring is as follows:

    • Load Port(s)/Discharge Port(s) score is calculated as:

      • If there is more than one itinerary L or D port found in the pricing row, +1

      • If the pricing row has no L or D ports specified, +1

      • If there is a single itinerary L or D port, and it matches the first pricing row L or D port, +2

      • Otherwise (i.e., ports are specified and do not match), −10 (i.e., disqualified)

    • Cargo score is calculated as:

      • If the cargo is specified and matches, +2

      • If the cargo is not specified, +1

      • Otherwise (i.e., a cargo is specified and does not match), −10 (i.e., disqualified)

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