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How can I approve a Veslink Form on a past consecutive voyage?

This is a quick troubleshoot guideline to resolve a Veslink Form errored out because the next consecutive voyage has commenced.

By using this process you will need to set the status of the current voyage from Commenced to Scheduled, this will delete all port activities entered:

  1. Change the status of all forms submitted after the target form to be submitted to "Open for Rusubmit"

  2. Change Voyage the current voyage to ‘Scheduled’

  3. A Warning saying ‘Uncommencing this voyage will permanently delete all activities entered for the voyage. Are you sure you wish to continue?’ will show. All Port Activity Information from Veslink forms will be restored after Approving the previous unapproved forms. Any manually entered information will be lost.

  4. Change the Completed Voyage to Commenced

  5. Open the target form for submission and Approve

  6. Change the status of the Voyage to Completed

  7. Approve all forms that were opened for resubmission.

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