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How do I add drifting to my itinerary while my vessel is awaiting orders?

Tracking costs while your vessel is waiting for orders from the owners or the charterers is important. These costs need to be separated from the actual voyage sea legs to keep the estimates accurate. Therefore, we suggest the below workflow which will allow you to add an "At Sea“ port to the voyage itinerary and define the waiting/ drifting period.

  • System Requirement

You need to enable the configuration flag CFGEnableLatLonOverride.

  • Step-by-step workflow

  1. Go to the voyage itinerary and add AT SEA as a port to reflect where the vessel will wait for orders. You will be prompted with the following screen to include the latitude and longitude of where the vessel will be:

  2. Ensure the port function is W and add the estimated waiting days to the Port Days column.

  3. The itinerary will calculate the distances to the waiting AT SEA itinerary line from the previous port.

  4. Bunker consumption while waiting will be calculated by the vessel's idle in port consumption for non-working days.

Note: Depending on the Charter Party clause dictating the laytime calculation, you may choose to include waiting time in the laytime calculation, by selecting "Include for waiting ports".

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