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How do I remove "duplicate" rows in my report?

When creating a report in the Report Designer, if you have more than one one-to-many join, you might see multiple rows with similar information. As far as possible, you should always limit your report to only one one-to-many join.

Tips to remove duplicate rows in your report

  1. Look at the columns selected in your report and see if you can remove any table by replacing the associated columns with one from the remaining existing tables.

    • For example, the column "Voyage No“ can be found in the tables "Cargo“ and "Voyage“. If you are only using the table "Voyage“ for the column "Voyage No“, you can remove the table "Voyage“ and replace the column "Voyage No“ with the one from the table "Cargo“.

  2. Create a custom filter to select the relevant information in your report.

  3. Depending on your report, aggregating the table may be helpful.

What if my report has only one one-to-many join and I’m still seeing duplicate rows?

If you have only one one-to-many join, these seemingly duplicated rows are not duplicates; they each carry different information. When you select more columns from the table, you will find the information that differentiates the rows.

For example, the column "Account Code“, "Amount Curr“ and "Amount Base“ are selected from the table "Account Analysis“.

In the above result, it appears as though these entries are duplicates when in actuality they are not. If you select the column "Voyage No“ from this table, you will see that each row is tied to a unique voyage number.

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