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How do I request for a schema update?

Frequently, clients would request a Schema update of their Production/Test environment after receiving an error as follows when enabling a configuration flag. Sometimes clients would also proactively request schema updates in order to test out new features that are released.

Schema Updates are requested by Veson IMOS Platform clients. On-Premise clients will have to update their Schema by themselves.
Please be aware that selecting a specific version for the update is not applicable. The updates will be implemented up to the latest available version.

To request a schema update, you will need to create the request through our portal, providing a time slot in UTC time zone. Typically, an hour time slot is enough, but we would like to request a two-hour window from Clients for this change. This should be the window when users are logged out of the target system.

Please note that confirmation of the scheduled window is dependent upon the availability of our resources.
The maintenance window for the database refresh is not official unless otherwise confirmed. In the event that a request coincides with a public holiday within the specified time zone, we may need to reschedule for an alternative update window.

Kindly provide the following required details when raising a database refresh:

  1. Which environment(s)? (E.g. ABCD_prod/ ABCD_test)

    1. Note: For clients with a replicated database or using Data Lake on Snowflake, we can only update one environment per time slot.

  2. When can this update be performed?

    1. Kindly provide two maintenance windows, each with a 2-hour period, with the earliest window being at least 48 hours in advance. (Example: 12 December 2023 12 pm to 2 pm UTC, or 14 December 2023 12 pm to 2 pm UTC.) The date and time MUST be specified in the UTC time zone within the "Standard ISD request window“ table below

    2. Changes cannot be accommodated at weekends.

Standard ISD request window (Mon-Fri, excluding regional public holidays):



Summer Time:

01:00 UTC

20:30 UTC

Winter Time:

01:00 UTC

21:30 UTC

Note: Any request outside the above times needs approval.

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