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IMOS - Fuel Modes


Fuel Modes is a feature in the Voyage Estimator and Voyage Manager that allows you to define multiple sets of consumption rates on a vessel to more accurately estimate bunker consumption.

You can create different fuel consumption configurations (modes) under a single vessel, and assign these to existing vessels. These modes can be selected on your estimate and voyage itinerary to allow you to customize which fuel types, daily port, and sea consumption rate with the mode you would like to consume at.

For example, as a Charterer or Operator, you may want to plan and accommodate for different vessel consumption behaviors. Selecting the fuel mode that reflects the expected or actual consumption would allow you to do this.

Suggested workflow

We recommend that you set up the fuel modes before creating the estimate. To do this, begin with creating the fuel mode, then create the estimate, select the fuel mode to use for the voyage, and schedule the voyage. If the itinerary changes, you can edit fuel modes on the voyage and that will update your estimated consumption.


Before you begin, you will need to have the newest schema version, schema 449 or higher. You will also need to have the configuration flag CFGEnableFuelConsModes enabled. Contact your IMOS admin to have this enabled.

Step 1 – Navigating to Fuel Modes

Fuel Modes can be accessed from either Chartering > Estimates > Vessel Name > Vessel Details or Data Center > Vessel - List. > Vessel Name. This will take you to the Vessel Card.

From the Vessel Card, navigate to the Vessel Consumption tab in the Consumption Table. The Fuel Cons Mode dropdown (short for Fuel Consumption Mode) is where you can select the fuel mode.

Screenshot of the In Port Consumption Table showing the Fuel Cons Mode dropdown

Step 2 – Setting Up Fuel Modes

To set up fuel modes for a vessel, either select an existing fuel mode from the Fuel Cons Mode dropdown, or select Create New Fuel Mode. If you plan to create an estimate, we recommend setting up the fuel modes before creating the estimate.

GIF of the Fuel Cons Mode dropdown list

Note: You cannot add more than six fuel types. That is the maximum number of fuel types permitted.

Creating a new fuel mode

When creating a new fuel mode, you can choose to either copy existing consumption data, or zero out all fields. There is a 32-character limit on the fuel mode name that can be entered.

Default mode

Default mode works the same as the original consumption functionality before Fuel Modes. This setting is used as the consumption method when a vessel is used in Chartering/Operations.

Fuels types can only be deactivated in Default mode. The deactivated fuel will also be deactivated on all other fuel modes.

Note: Cargo Bunkers are compatible with Fuel Modes. Rates will match the Default mode unless otherwise specified.

Step 3 – Creating an Estimate & Selecting Fuel Modes

Creating an estimate

For instructions on how to create an estimate, visit IMOS - Creating an Estimate .

Selecting a fuel mode

Fuel modes can be selected on both the voyage and estimate level, per port and sea leg. You will also be able to select a fuel mode when loading or creating a vessel.

To select a fuel mode on an estimate, you’ll need to be viewing the estimate in Details View.


In the Itinerary section of the estimate, navigate to the Port/Date Group tab. You can then select the fuel mode for each port or voyage leg in the Sea Mode and Port Mode columns.


Step 4 – Changing Fuel Modes on Voyage

To start, navigate to Operations > Voyages and select an active voyage. In the Voyage Itinerary section, navigate to the Consumption tab.

In the Consumption tab, you can update fuel modes for at sea or at port in the Sea Mode and Port Mode columns. You can select an existing fuel mode, or create a new one by navigating to the Vessel Details Card by selecting the vessel name.

Once you’ve finished updating the fuel modes, save your changes by selecting the Save button.

Save your changes: if you don’t select the Save button, your fuel mode changes will be lost.

Additional Notes

Fuel Modes can be marked as deactivated to limit use in Estimates/Voyages.

Related Configuration Flags



Enable Fuel Consumption Modes


When enabled, you will be able to use the Fuel Modes feature.

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