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There are a number of different features and data solutions you can use in the Veson IMOS Platform to understand and reduce carbon emissions.

  • Sustainability Panel (IMOS Platform only)

  • CO2 Values

  • Carbon Expenses

  • Emissions Data Table

These features are a part of Veson’s two-fold approach to sustainability, which consists of empowering our users to make more sustainable decisions on a daily basis and collaborating with stakeholders (both internal and external partners) to drive decarbonization in maritime shipping.

The Preliminary Workflow

The following areas and modules in the system either include or will include sustainability-related enhancements to accommodate multiple workflows and processes:

  1. Data Setup in the Data Center

  2. Vessel Valuation in Trading & Risk

  3. Captured Carbon Exposure

  4. Avoidance of Congested Areas in Oceanbolt

  5. Voyage Estimation on CO2 Emissions and Cost

  6. Operations Management of Fuel Consumption and Speed Analysis

  7. Veslink Voyage Reporting

  8. Emissions Related Analytics

Data Setup in the Data Center

You can set up fuel information and carbon factor in Fuel/Lube Types and utilize the Fuel Zone functionality with the IMO 2020 checkbox to ensure a more flexible fuel consumption.

Vessel Valuation in Trading & Risk

We are currently looking to enhance Vessel Valuation features and Trading & Risk areas of the system, including Trade Hub, to provide emissions visibility into the pre-trade market analysis.

Captured Carbon Exposure

The Carbon Exposure enhancement allows you to capture and track your carbon exposure on Cargo Contracts booked past January 2024 to align your risk to the upcoming EU ETS regulation.

Avoidance of Congested Areas in Oceanbolt

With the newest Oceanbolt and PortLog integrations, we provide features that give visibility into port congestion statistics to help avoid long wait times and assist in the decision-making process, thus reducing the CO2 emissions.

Voyage Estimation on CO2 Emissions and Cost

We have also enhanced our Voyage Estimator tool to include a CO2 calculator, Speed Comparison Analysis, Carbon Pricing, and a Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) Calculation.

Operations Management of Fuel Consumption and Speed Analysis

In the Operations module, we have enhanced the Voyage Manager to include the CO2 calculator, the Sustainability panel, and the ability to enter additional emissions data.

Important: In order to be able to see the Sustainability panel in your environment, please enable the configuration flag CFGSustainability.

Veslink Voyage Reporting

Veslink Voyage Reporting remains unchanged, providing ship-to-shore bunker consumption information directly to IMOS.

Emissions Related Analytics

The Report Designer now has a new table, Voyage Emissions, where voyage emission data is accessible to be reported for a variety of purposes, including sharing the data with counterparties.


The features outlined here represent Veson's ongoing commitment to helping users make more sustainable decisions. As part of that commitment, we will continue to add additional sustainability-related enhancements to various areas and modules in the Veson IMOS Platform.

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