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IMOS - Delivery/Redelivery Bunker Breakdown

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For a Time Charter (TC) In or a TC Out, you can see or edit information about bunker quantities and prices on delivery and redelivery.

To access the Delivery/Redelivery Bunker Breakdown, do one of the following:

  • On the bottom of the TC Bunkers tab, click 


  • In the Bunkers tab grid, right-click Est DeliveryActual Delivery, or Actual Redelivery and then click Edit Bunker Breakdown.

The values on the form are populated from the TC Bunkers tab.

TC In Breakdown

TC Out Breakdown

Est. Redelivery Grid

Values in the Est. Redelivery grid can be edited and invoiced when the contract is in a status before redelivery. This will be used to calculate estimated redelivery adjustments in the P&L. On the TC Payment or the TC Bill, select the Cost on Redelivery check box. Values will appear in the Hire Statement, Statement of Accounts, and SoA Recap reports.

Redelivery Grid

For a TC Out, the Redelivery grid can be edited upon redelivery of the vessel. The actual redelivery breakdown can be specified in this form if the redelivery inventory includes multiple fuel lots at different prices.  The Veson IMOS Platform (IMOS) will not allow changes to the bunker quantities in the bunker breakdown section before then because that information should come from the voyage. The redelivery information is taken from the Voyage Manager when bunkers are updated. The Veson IMOS Platform does not allow the redelivery bunkers to be updated from the bunker breakdown before redelivery as it could cause a conflict in data.

If there is a quantity that is Paid by Operator, then the TC Out redelivery bunker breakdown will become read only. This will happen because the TC bunker breakdown form does not allow you to specify a Paid by Operator quantity.

For more information, see Why am I unable to edit Bunker Breakdown in the Time Charter Out contract?

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