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Why am I unable to edit Bunker Breakdown in the Time Charter Out contract?

If a Time Charter Out contract has values in the Paid by Operator row, you will not be able to edit the Bunker Breakdown in the contract.

In order to edit the Bunker Breakdown, there are two alternatives:


  1. Edit all the bunker liftings that are "Paid by Operator“

    1. To find this list, you can go to the Voyage Manager, then go to "Bunker Liftings“ (Bunkers > Bunker Liftings).

    2. Go to Bunker Lifting

      1. Take note of the original values of the "For Account“ column.

      2. Edit the entries that have the value "Operator“ under the "Paid By“ column and change the "For Account“ values for these identified rows.

      3. Save the edits.

      4. Save the voyage.

  2. Go back to your TCO Contract, and unselect "Bunker on Consumption“ in the Bunker section.

  3. Select "Bunker Breakdown“. You should now be able to edit the Redelivery Bunkers. Change the values to what is required.


  1. Navigate to the specific voyage and from the top menu select Voyage Bunkers → Bunker Liftings; change the For Account field from "Operator“ to "TCO Charterer“ → Save → Save the voyage and refresh.

  2. Open the Time Charter Out contract → Bunkers tab → Bunker Breakdown → update the Redelivery grid price fields → Save.
    Navigate back to voyage Bunker Liftings screen and change back the For Account field to "Operator“ → Save → Save voyage.

  3. Navigate again to voyage Bunker Liftings screen within Voyage Manager and change back the For Account field to "Operator“ → Save → Save voyage.

  4. Check the TCO contract again, and you will notice that there is a Supplement to Delivery row which you may delete it.

Note: Do remember to change the values in the Voyage Manager Bunker Liftings back to the original values.

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