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IMOS - Time Charter Payment

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Just as the Voyage Manager handles the costs of the voyage, the Time Charter In (TC In) handles the costs for the use of the vessel.

Making a Payment

To create an invoice that reflects the bill sent by the vessel owner:

  1. Do one of the following:

  2. On the payment, complete the information:

    1. Payment Type:

      • Period (default): A regularly scheduled payment for a specific amount of time, such as every 15 days.
        Note: IMOS will not allow raising a hire payment for a previous billing period that was reversed/deleted if a payment is already raised for the next billing period. To raise an invoice for the overlooked period, users can raise an incremental one upon vessel redelivery or reverse TC payments raised after the missing billing period.

      • Special: A payment outside the regular schedule. Period-based costs, such as the TC Hire, cannot be allocated this way. If the contract has no more Period payments remaining, the Payment Type defaults to Special.

      • Incremental: For an Incremental payment, a sort of reconciliation of accounts is performed. All amounts due since the beginning of the TC contract are calculated, and all payments made are subtracted. The net difference then shows as the payment due. We recommend that you use this payment method once at the end of the TC to ensure that the accounts are correct; the incremental invoice does not allow you to include all the line items that a period invoice allows.

    2. Invoice No. and Issue Date: The number and date from the bill sent to you.

    3. Rate: Populated only for the TC Hire lines, with the rate used for each line.

      • When the rate of an index-linked Hire line is changed after issuing the invoice (either due to a manually-entered value or new market data), the next issued invoice will include a reversal of the previous invoice/invoices, and the current rate will be used for that period.

    4. TC Rebill: This field can be used to rebill CVE, Miscellaneous, Voyage, Off Hire, or Port Expenses across TC contracts for the same vessel.

      • Generate the line item that must be rebilled, then populate the TC contract you would like to rebill to (you can select any TC contract associated with the vessel) in TC Rebill. The item created will be available in the  TC Rebillable section of the Item Select screen on the contract you selected.

      • When rebilling between two TC contracts the sign convention will adjust automatically to create the correct debit and credit offset entries depending on whether the item is a payable or a receivable.

  3. On the toolbar, click Create/Add Details to select line items to add to the payment in the Item Select form.

  4. When you save the payment, it appears in the Summary Tree on the Time Charter In.

  5. To approve, post, reject, export, or email an invoice, on the toolbar, click Invoice.

When you issue an invoice for bunker costs, the text refers to the entities as Charterer and Owner. The Item Select form has a separate check box for quantities For TC In Owner’s Account, and with Cost on Delivery selected, any prepurchased quantity is deducted from the delivery quantity. You can also select Supplement to Delivery.


  • When posting a TC Payment, the Bunkers Redelivery quantity is negative to give an overview and a subtotal of the Accounts Analysis with Rate/Quantity for the relevant accounts.

  • Fields such as Person In Charge populate their values by referencing the Security list in the Data Center. If you cannot find a user using the drop-down box and scroll bar, typing the target user's name will trigger the search algorithm to yield the most accurate result.

  • Be sure to establish a Voyage No. column value for each line item; otherwise, the invoice or its line items will not be applied to the proper Voyage P&L.

Redelivery Date for Period TC Invoices

  • If a vessel is redelivered, the Veson IMOS Platform (IMOS) uses the Actual Redelivery Date.

  • If CFGPayHireBeyondMin is enabled, IMOS will allow TC In Hire Payments to be made after Min redelivery while the duration basis remains Min.

  • If CFGTCUseProjRedelDate is enabled, IMOS will use the projected redelivery date for TC invoices and hire statements if such date is available.

  • Or it can use Est GMT Redelivery Date.

Approving, Posting, or Rejecting Invoices

To approve, post, or reject invoices, you must have Module Rights Approve an InvoicePost an Invoice, or Reject an Invoice. Approving, posting, and rejecting invoices can be limited to particular invoice types with configuration flags.

In the top right corner of the invoice viewer, click one of the following:

  • : Enter a Comment, if required.

  • : Enter a Comment, if required. The Transaction Data Entry form or Journal Entry form opens, so you can post immediately.

  • : Enter a Comment that tells the reason for the rejection.

Estimated Owner's Expense Summary Report

The Estimated Owner's Expense Summary Report shows the expense amounts billed in advance and the current balance for each Bill Code. To run the report, on the toolbar, click Report.

Multicurrency TC contracts

For more information about multicurrency contracts, see the IMOS - Multicurrency Time Charter contracts article.

Related Configuration Flags



Auto General TCIP Invoice No

When enabled, if no invoice number is specified in a TC In Payment, the invoice number automatically defaults to [TCI Code] [Vessel Name] Hire [Hire Number] (for example, AKTA-I0001 MV AKTAIA Hire 1). The Hire Number is a sequential counter per TC contract.

Check Redel Bunker Vs Hire

Enables Alerts for partial bunker deductions, to make sure charterers can collect the value of redelivered bunkers.

  • On the Item Select form, the Bunkers On Redelivery items are only highlighted in yellow  when the value of the contractual redelivery bunkers meets/exceeds the net hire left in the contract. The calculation of this date is based on the Period To value in the Time Charter invoice.

  • A validation warning is added to the voyage, which appears for Last TCI/TCO Voyages with end quantities that are different than the Estimated Redelivery quantities in the linked Time Charter contract.

  • Bunkers Cost on Redelivery line items (Quantity and Amount) are editable.

  • An Unpriced Bunkers informational check box appears on the Bunkers tab.

BOR Safety Margin Days

Specifies the days used in the calculation for the Redelivery Bunkers deduction warning. The flag is only relevant when CFGCheckRedelBnkVsHire is enabled.

Check Redel Bunker Tolerance

The warning only appears when the difference is higher than the percentage value set in this flag.

Tax on Tax PST

Causes PST Tax to consider all items on the invoice as taxable, including other tax lines, rather than applying only to non-tax invoice items.

Def Voyage No to TCI Pay

Auto-assigns the voyage number to a TC In payment.

Incremental Xml Export Diffs

When enabled, the TC incremental hire invoice XML will only show lines for amount differences per category.

Block Invoicing Outside Hire Table

When enabled, for Equipment Contract and TC invoicing, hire cannot be invoiced beyond the end date of the hire rate table.

Include Invoice Attachment Base64

When enabled, includes a base-64 encoded version of the invoice attachments in the XML output.

Redel Bunker Vs Hire Warning

When set to warn or block, adds a Bunkers on Redelivery (BoR) breakdown grid, Remaining BoR Balance field, and Remaining Hire Balance field to the top right of the TC Payment form.

Possible values:

  • allow: There are no changes to the TC Payment form.

  • warn: A warning appears when you make a TC Payment that results in more money paid to the owner than what is due back in redelivery bunkers. You can still make the payment.

  • block: You cannot make a TC Payment that results in more money paid to the owner than what is due back in redelivery bunkers.

Pay Hire Beyond Min

When enabled, the system will allow TC In Hire Payments to be made after Min redelivery while the duration basis remains Min.

TC Use Proj Redel Date

When enabled, IMOS will use the projected redelivery date for TC invoices and hire statements if such date is available.

Default Unactual

When enabled, the status of a newly created Bunker, Freight, Equipment, Hire, and Commission invoice is set to Pending by default.

Allocate TCI Hire to Voyage


When enabled, voyage number is a required field for all hire-related lines in TCI; block incremental payment completely.

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