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IMOS - Module Rights

Planning Worksheet: When you assign Module Rights, you can use this worksheet: IMOS Module Rights v7.11.18372.xlsx. On the tab for each module, in the Module Rights columns, add the names of the users, and then select the appropriate rights from the drop-down lists below.

The following Module Rights can be assigned to users or groups. Click a module name to expand its rights.

New! marks Module Rights that are new in IMOS v7.11.

Area7.11ItemConfiguration Flag(s)

General/Module Center
Fix an Estimate

Revise a Fixed Estimate

Edit Other Users' EstimatesCFGEnableVoyestUserSecurity

Edit Open EstimatesCFGEnableVoyestUserSecurity

Schedule a Fixture

Set Up a Benchmark EstimateCFGEnableBenchmarkEstimate

Save new Worldscale Route

Assign Bunker Hedging

Update Existing Worldscale Flat Rate

Edit Confirmed Cargo ContractsCFGEnableCargoStatusSecurity

Update Template Voyage Estimates

Vessel VettingCFGEnableVesselVetting

Confirm COA

Advanced Contract Pricing

Acknowledge Cargo Revisions
New!Bulk Update Cargo ContractsCFGEnableCargoBooking
New!Lock An EstimateCFGManuallyLockEstimates
New!Unlock An EstimateCFGManuallyLockEstimates
Quick Links
Voyage Estimate

Voyage Estimate List

Voyage Fixture

Voyage Fixture List

Cargo Schedule

Cargo Matching

Vessel Position List

Cargo Book

Open Position

Cargo List


VC In List

Cargo COA

Cargo COA List


VC In COA List

Master Contract

Master Contract List

Multiple Cargo BookingCFGEnableCargoBooking
New!Multiple VC In BookingCFGEnableVCInBooking
Time Charter Manager
Time Charter In

Time Charter In List

Time Charter Out

Time Charter Out List

Time Charter Lifting Options

Time Charter Purchase Options

Equipment Contract
Master Lightering Contract

Master Lightering Contract (Purchase)

Lightering Job

Lightering Job List

Lightering Support Contract

Lightering Support Job

Mooring Masters
SetupNew!Cargo Broker RulesCFGEnableBrokerRules

Chartering List Settings
New!Time Charter Broker RulesCFGEnableBrokerRules

Voyage Estimate Categories

Vessel Vetting SetupCFGEnableVesselVetting
Area7.11ItemConfiguration Flag(s)

General/Module Center
Manage Operations Reports

New!Voyage Auto-Numbering/Consecutive CheckboxesCFGAllowRestrictVoyAutoNumberConsecutive

Delete a Voyage

Close a Voyage

Reopen a Closed Voyage
New!Edit Voyage NumberCFGAllowOpsVoyageRenumbering

Edit Company on a Commenced Voyage

Insert a Past Port

Edit Operator's Fields On Bunker Requirement

Edit Bunker Manager's Fields On Bunker Requirement

Manage Operations Task

Post Daily Cost

Post Bunker Cost

Edit Index Linked TC Invoice Hire Rate

Edit Delivery/Redelivery Bunkers on Read-Only TC Contracts

Extract Voyage Data

Check/un-check Exclude From Cap/Collar

Edit Market Hire on Voyages with Status Other Than Scheduled

New!Create/Edit Global Tasks
Quick Links
Vessel Schedule

Port Schedule

Fleet Map

Voyage Manager

Voyage Manager List

Task List

My Task ListCFGDisplayMyTasks
New!Alert List

Veslink Form List

Open Position
Freight Invoice

Final Freight Statement

Laytime Calculator

Demurrage Summary

Time Charter In
Time Charter In

Time Charter In List

Time Charter Payment

TC Payment Schedule


Owner's Commissions

Hire Statement

Bareboat Contract In

Bareboat Payment

Bareboat Commissions

Bareboat Payment Schedule

Equipment Contract

Equipment Contract Payment

Equipment Commission

Equipment Payment Schedule
Service Contract In
Service Contract In

Service Contract In List

Service Payment
Bunker Requirement

Bunker Requirement List

Bunker Invoice

Bunker Purchase

Bunker Purchase List

Bunker Lifting List

Bunker Alert ListCFGDisplayBunkerAlerts

Market Data

Market Data Summary
Time Charter Out
Time Charter Out

Time Charter Out List

Time Charter Bill

TC Billing Schedule


Hire Statement
Service Contract Out
Service Contract Out

Service Contract Out List

Service Bill
Operations Lists Settings

Bunker Purchase Types

Bunker Delivery Types
Port/Other Costs
Port Advance/DA

Port Advance/DA List

Ledger Expense Setup

Other Revenues/Expenses

Port Expenses DetailsCFGEnableStandards

Expense StandardsCFGEnableStandards

Standard Expenses



Pool Assignment

Pooling Distribution

Pooling Cash Distribution

Pooling Summary

Pooling Year Comparison

Profit Share Distribution
Master Lightering Contract

Lightering Job

Lightering Job List

Lightering Support Contract

Lightering Support Job
Bunker Invoices Summary

Bunker Inventory/Accruals

Cargoes Loaded/Discharged

Check Voyage P&L (Actual/Estimate)

Demurrage Summary

EEOI Reporting

Fixture Cargo Summary

General Operations Report

On/off Hire Summary

Operations Receivables

Outstanding Hire-Payment Adjustments

Performance Analysis Report

Port Expenses Summary

Port Expenses Rebillable Summary

Port Production Report

TCE Summary

US Army Corps of Engineers Report

Utilization Report

Vessel Performance Report

Vessel Position Report

Vessel Position Report (External)
New!Voyage Bunker Period Report

Voyage Bunker Report

Voyage Accruals Summary

Voyage Freight Summary

Voyage P & L Summary

Warranty Summary Report

Worldscale/ATRS Route Report
Area7.11ItemConfiguration Flag(s)

General/Module Center
Manage Demurrage Reports

Manage Time Bar Task

Edit Time Bar Date
Quick Links
Demurrage SummaryCFGLaytimeCalculator: laytime.exe

Demurrage Summary (Bookings)CFGLaytimeCalculator: laytime_c.exe

Demurrage Time Bar Task List


Claim List
FOB/Delivered Cargo

Laytime Calculator
Claim Types

Claim Subtypes
New!Laytime Claim Types

Claim Actions
New!Demurrage Root Causes

Claims Lists Settings
Demurrage: Demurrage Activity
New!Demurrage: Root Cause Analysis

Demurrage: Time Bar

Demurrage: Cycle Time

Demurrage: Outstanding Pay/Rec (Summary)

Demurrage: Outstanding Pay/Rec (Details)

Demurrage: Outstanding Pay/Rec (Filtered)
Area7.11ItemConfiguration Flag(s)

General/Module Center
Manage Financial Reports

Financial Administration

Approve an Invoice

Post an Invoice

Reject an Invoice

Release an Invoice

Reverse an Invoice

Reverse a Payment
New!Approve a Batch PaymentCFGBatchPaymentSupported,

Remove Invoice from Batch PaymentCFGBatchPaymentSupported

Modify P&L Calculation OptionsCFGShowPNLCalcOptions
New!Pay AP InvoicesCFGRestrictPayInvoiceForPayableTransactions
New!Modify Credit/Debit Accounts on TDE FormCFGEnableModifyTDEAccounts
New!Edit Account on Transaction Data EntryCFGEnableEditTDEandJournalAccountsEntry
New!Edit Account on Journal EntryCFGEnableEditTDEandJournalAccountsEntry
Quick Links
Transaction Summary

Receivables Summary

Payables Summary

Accounting Interface Summary

Trial Balance Summary

Vendor Statement Summary

Voyage P&L Snapshot Manager
Create Invoices

Edit Invoices

Approve Invoices

Post Invoices

Transaction Data Entry

Payments and Receipts

Journal Entries

Payment BatchCFGBatchPaymentSupported

Payment Batch ListCFGBatchPaymentSupported

Advance Payment/Receipt Allocations

Rebill Invoices over Port Expense Cap
Period Closing
Monthly Accruals

Period FX Adjustments
New!Time Charter Period JournalsCFGEnableTCLeaseAccounting

Voyage Period Journals
Account GroupsCFGAccountGroups

Account Periods

Bank Links

Business Rules

Chart of Accounts

Company Information
New!Intercompany SecurityCFGEnableIntercompanySecurity



Document NumbersCFGEnableDocumentNumbers

Exchange Rates

Invoice Actions

Invoice Approvals
New!Invoice Approvals List
New!Invoice Default RulesCFGEnableInvoiceDefaultRules
New!Invoice Detail Default RulesCFGEnableInvoiceDefaultRules

Invoice Realization

Late Reasons

Lines of Business

Payment Methods

Reversal Reasons

Voyage P&L Variance Tolerance
Account Analysis

Accounts Payable/Receivable

Balance Sheet

Cashflow Reports

Company Cashflow Statement

Daily Control Sheet

Foreign Exchange Exposure

Income Statement

Trial Balance

Vendor Statements

Voyage Report
Data Center
Area7.11ItemConfiguration Flag(s)

General/Module Center
Resend Interface Message

Manage Public List Views

Manage Address Contacts

Report Designer - Create/Edit Private and Public Reports

Report Designer - Create/Edit Private Reports

Edit Estimate Only Vessels

Activate/Deactivate Banks on Address Book EntriesCFGEnforceBankActivationSecurity

Report Editor (Legacy) - Create/Edit Reports
New!Edit Data Dictionary Elements

Create Inactive Vessel Records

New!Create Inactive Address Book Records
New!Edit Vessel VettingCFGEnableVettingWorkflow
Quick Links

Address List

Cargo Name

Cargo Name List

Market Data

Market Data List


Port List


Vessel List

Interface Message List

Audit Trail

Configuration Flags

Messaging Service Configuration
New!Data Dictionary
Charter Party Terms
Charter Party Forms

Equipment Hire Rate Differentials

Extra Freight Terms

Laytime to Commence

Laytime Terms

Laytime Types

Load/Discharge Rate Standards

Loading Costs

NOR to Tender

Other Loading Terms

Payment Terms

Pricing Template List

Quantity DescriptionsCFGEnableLiftQtyDescriptions

Rate Tables

Shifting Terms

Standard Paragraphs

Time to Tender

Time Used

Weather Working Days
Shuttle Tanker FreightNew!

Agreed Transit Bunkers

New!Agreed Transit Times and RatesCFGEnableShuttleFreightInvoicing
Delays and Weather
Beaufort Scale

Delay Reasons

Delay Types

Sea States

Sea Swells
Currency Types

Exchange Rates
Ports and Areas

Country List

Distances Editor

Fuel Zones

Loadline Zones

Loadline Zone Seasons

Port Activities

Port Areas

Port Functions
New!Port-to-Port OverridesCFGEnablePortToPortOverrides

Trade Areas
Market DataNew!Bunker Symbol
New!Market Data
New!Market Data List
New!Market Index
New!Trade Route
Barge Fuel Consumption

Boat Fuel Consumption

Class Societies

Fuel/Lube Types

Fuel Consumption Categories

Fuel Grades

Pool-Point Types


Vessel Daily Cost

Vessel Fleets

Vessel Types
Agreed DistancesCFGEnableStandards

Bunker Fuel Price Index

Bunker Hedging Values
New!Cargo Itinerary Mapping

CP Place

Correlation Profiles


ECA Recovery ChargeCFGEnableStandards

File Management

Holiday Calendar

Invoice SubtypesCFGEnableInvoiceSubTypes

Lightering Types

Marine Service FeesCFGEnableStandards

Note Categories

OPA Rates

Operations Ledger
New!P&L Snapshot Types

Reporting Databases

Task Categories

Task Groups
New!Task & Alert Rule Set Categories

Task & Alert Rule Set List

Tax Decision

Tax RatesCFGEnableTaxGroup

Units of Measure

User-Defined Fields
New!Vetting Incident TypesCFGEnableVettingWorkflow

Voyage Contact Roles

Voyage Template List

Voyage Template Rules
Report List
Area7.11ItemConfiguration Flag(s)

General/Module Center 
View Forms 

Approve Forms 

Resubmit Forms 

Define Forms 
Quick Links
Veslink Vessel List 

Define & Send Forms 
Set Up Site Key and Veslink URL 
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